VIP Upgrades

From VIP 1 to 2

All VIP 1 Features +
2.5 million in-game cash added
500 score added.
500 deaths removed from stats.
helmet protection on-spawn.
1+1 score on your kill.
donor class access in-game.
1.4x faster capture zones.
/dskin to change any skin.
/dcc to change your vehicle colour.
/dweap to equip special weapons.
/dheal or /dh to restore health.
/darmour or /da to restore armour.
/dnos to add nos to your vehicle.
/dcar to spawn your bullet.
/dbike to spawn your Fcr-900.
/dtext to add a vip text label.
/bbox to your boombox and stream mp3's.
/dstyle to chose your fighting style.
/cradio stream mp3's in your car and its passengers.
VIP lobby access via /ss or base command center.

From VIP 2 to X

All VIP 2 features+.
15 million in-game cash added.
2500 deaths removed from stats.
2500 scores added
2x faster capture zones
2x bigger rustler bomb range.
2x bigger toxic bomb range.
unlimited toxic bombs.
/dcar spawn your infernus.
/dbike to spawn your NRG-500.
/dboost for extra 1 rpg, 2 grenade, heal teammates 20hp + 20 armour in range.
/lock your vehicle to avoid carjacking.
/dmk to choose death music on your kills.
/dtunemenu to customize your vehicle.
/dvehicle to spawn heaps of other vehicles.
/inv to make your donor vehicle and everyone inside invisible
/dtoys customize your skin with accessories.
anti-explosion vest on each spawn.
cluster bombing plane with no score requirment.
ADAT truck with now score requirment.
short 5 second cooldown on AAML truck.
cannot be hit by AAML.
cannot be hit by Airstrike.
cannot be hit by by nuke
cannot be located by spotter class.

From VIP X to Sponsor

Ability to hold score giveaways in-game.
Ability to hold temporary VIP giveaways in-game.
Ability to hold events (limited number).
Special rank in-game, on forum and on discord.
Name in credits for being a sponsor for 2 months
All VIP level features